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FIPP: Call for volunteers to support the quality of INTOSAl’s standards

Please find below a letter from the Chair of the INTOSAI Professional Standards Committee (PSC) inviting applicants to become a member of the Forum for INTOSAI Professional Pronouncements (FIPP). You will also find background guidance and an application form.

The deadline to apply is 30 June 2023, and provisionally there will be three vacant posts.

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Letter from the Chair of INTOSAI

April 2024

The Importance of ISSAI 140 for Quality Management in Government Audits

To guarantee the trust, credibility, and effectiveness of Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs), it is crucial to…

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Term-end – Peer Support Project

Term-end Review of Office of Auditor General Somalia
Peer Support Project 2021-2025

INTOSAI Development Initiative, Oslo invites bids for the Term-end Review of Office of Auditor General Somalia Peer…

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Peer-to-Peer workstream - April 2024

The Peer-to-Peer workstream presents: a masterclass on IDI

The INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI) is a body which supports capacity development of supreme audit institutions in most developing…

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