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Implementation of the Strategic Development Plan (SDP 2023–2028)

Invitation to help implement the Strategic Development Plan (SDP) for INTOSAI’s Professional Pronouncements

Some weeks ago, the Professional Standards Committee contacted all SAIs and Regional Organisations with an appeal to participate in the implementation of its SDP 2023–2028.

Through 5 projects, the SDP plans to take a thorough look at the INTOSAI Framework of Professional Pronouncements with a view to improving accessibility, developing clearer and consistent terminology, updating the content and presentation of the INTOSAI Principles, ensuring clarity of the ISSAIs and developing a better approach to providing guidance.

Taking part in this initiative is a great opportunity to provide valuable experience for SAI staff, and a chance to contribute to INTOSAI's work.

The initiatives in which you are cordially invited to take part are the following:

The ‘T’ Initiative: developing a clear and consistent terminology for the INTOSAI Framework of Professional Pronouncements (IFPP)

The ‘I’ Initiative: ensuring the clarity of the ISSAIs based on the results of the ‘T’ initiative.

The ‘P’ Initiative: identifying and analysing gaps and inconsistencies of the INTOSAI Principles.

The ‘G’ Initiative: developing a more effective approach to and a structured communication around guidance documents both within and outside the IFPP.

The ‘A’ Initiative: improving the accessibility to the pronouncements by making use of the opportunities provided by digitalization.

Please send your feedback and nominations of either team leaders or team members by 12 June 2024, as well as an indication which project(s) you could see your institution contributing to in this important IFPP development.

The secretariat of the Professional Standards Committee is available to answer any questions:

Please find more information about the Strategic Development Plan, the initiatives and the staffing requirements below:

Standards & Professionalization

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