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EFS marcando una diferencia: auditoria de la implementación de los ODS

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From 22 to 23 July 2019, IDI and UNDESA held, for the third time, the jointly organized "SAI Leadership and Stakeholder Meeting" (Report) in New York. This time it revolved around "Supreme Audit Institutions making a difference: Auditing the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals" in New York. More than 240 high-ranking representatives from SAIs from all INTOSAI Regions as well as from the different bodies of INTOSAI, the United Nations, from other international organizations and the civil society took part in this exchange of experiences. 

The first day of the event was devoted to the presentation of the results of the first phase of the SDG implementation, which focused on the assessment of the national preparedness to implement the SDGs ("preparedness audits"). On the second day, the participants discussed the future approach as regards the next phase of the implementation of the 2030 Agenda, which will centre on audits of the implementation of concrete SDGs and targets.

The first day was marked by the presentation of the results of the IDI-KSC programme "Auditing the Implementation of the SDGs" in the form of the publication entitled "Are nations prepared for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda - Supreme Audit Institutions’ insights and recommendations".

The publication contains the most important findings and recommendations that were derived from the results of the audits of the national preparedness to implement the SDGs. The SDG preparedness audits in the framework of the IDI-KSC programme revealed, in summary, that

  • although governments have taken institutional preparations for the implementation of the SDGs,
  • shortcomings were detected in particular with regard to the vertical and horizontal policy coherence, the inclusion of stakeholders on the different levels and the adaptation of the budget process to the SDGs.

All SAIs reported that the programme had contributed to their capacity development.
Also in the next phase of SDG implementation, SAIs will continue to receive guidance for their audits both on the strategic as well as on the practical level.

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