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Governing Board Meetings

The Governing Board meetings shall be held once a year. In a year in which a Congress is held, the Governing Board will be held immediately before the Congress.

In correspondence with Article 3.3 of the Handbook for Governing Board Meetings of INTOSAI and, if necessary, extraordinary Governing Board meetings may be convened.

The minutes of the Governing Board meetings are published in the INTOSAI Circulars which may be found under "Documents - Circulars" (password protected).

202377th MeetingAustria20—21 November 2023
202276th MeetingBrazil 8 November 2022
202175th MeetingBrazil (virtual)23 November 2021
202074th MeetingAustria (virtual)10 November 2020
201973rd MeetingRussian Federation27 September 2019
201972nd MeetingRussian Federation23—24 September 2019
201871st MeetingRussian Federation15—16 November 2018
201770th MeetingAustria6—7 November 2017
201669th MeetingUnited Arab Emirates11 December 2016
201668th MeetingUnited Arab Emirates5—6 December 2016
201567th MeetingUnited Arab Emirates10—11 November 2015
201466th Meeting


6—7 November 2014
201365th MeetingChina26 October 2013
201364th MeetingChina21 October 2013
201263rd MeetingChina20—21 November 2012
201162nd MeetingAustria27—28 October 2011
201061st MeetingSouth Africa27 November 2010
201060th MeetingSouth Africa22 November 2010
200959th MeetingSouth Africa16—17 November 2009
200858th MeetingAustria13—14 November 2008
200757th MeetingMexico10 November 2007
200756th MeetingMexico5 November 2007
200655th MeetingMexico2—3 November 2006
200554th MeetingAustria10—11 November 2005
200553A EO MeetingHungary18 March 2005
200453rd MeetingHungary16 October 2004
200452nd MeetingHungary11 October 2004
200451A EO MeetingAustria21—22 June 2004
200351st MeetingHungary13—14 October 2003
200250th MeetingAustria16—17 October 2002
200149th MeetingKorea27 October 2001
200148th MeetingKorea22—23 October 2001
200047th MeetingKorea23—24 May 2000
199946th MeetingAustria26—27 May 1999
199845th MeetingUruguay14 November 1998
199844th MeetingUruguay8 November 1998
199743rd MeetingUruguay10—12 November 1997
199642nd MeetingAustria24—26 June 1996
199541st MeetingEgypt2 October 1995
199540th MeetingEgypt24 September 1995
199439th MeetingEgypt17—18 October 1994
199338th MeetingAustria10—13 May 1993
199237th MeetingUnited States of America23 October 1992
199236th MeetingUnited States of America18 October 1992
199135th MeetingUnited States of America7—13 October 1991
199034th MeetingAustria7—13 May 1990
198933rd MeetingGermany21 June 1989
198932nd MeetingGermany12 June 1989
198831st MeetingGermany15—17 May 1988
198730th MeetingAustria18—22 May 1987
198629th MeetingAustralia16 April 1986
198628th MeetingAustralia7 April 1986
198527th MeetingAustralia25—30 March 1985
198426th MeetingAustria7—10 May 1984
198325th MeetingPhilippines28 April 1983
198324th MeetingPhilippines18 April 1983
198223rd MeetingPhilippines2—6 May 1982
198122nd MeetingAustria4—7 May 1981
198021st MeetingKenya25 June 1980
198020th MeetingKenya16 June 1980
197919th MeetingKenya24—27 June 1979
197818th MeetingAustria18—21 September 1978
197717th MeetingPeru17 October 1977
197716th MeetingSpain1—6 April 1977
197615th MeetingAustria29 August—4 September 1976
197514th MeetingPeru5 November 1975
197412th MeetingSpain23 May 1974
197411th MeetingSpain12 May 1974
197310th MeetingAustria18—22 May 1973
19729th MeetingAustria28 August—1 September 1972
19718th MeetingCanada16 September 1971
19717th MeetingCanada7 September 1971
19706th MeetingAustria30 August—4 September 1970
19695th MeetingAustria1—5 September 1969
19684th MeetingJapan30 May 1968
19683rd MeetingJapan21 May 1968
19672nd MeetingAustria4—8 September 1967
19661st MeetingAustria10—12 May 1966