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SAI's Information Database

The INTOSAI SAI's Information Database is aimed at gathering and making available information such as SAIs' organization, administrative characteristics, mandate, scope, and auditing practices, as well as data on their communication methods and reporting, among other topics.

This Database makes available the information gathered through a friendly-user electronic tool that can be used by all INTOSAI members and the general public.

It is important to highlight that this Database is neither aimed at assessing nor judging the INTOSAI members' auditing practice, products, organization, and relationship with other entities. On the contrary, this project's objectives are:

  • to strengthen the communication, cooperation and exchange of information,
  • to foster the identification of themes of common interest,
  • to support the SAIs' capacity building and continuous improvement,
  • to maximize the SAIs' and the stakeholders' use of INTOSAI knowledge services,
  • to demonstrate the value and benefits of SAIs, thus enhancing the public confidence, and
  • to make a contribution to the SAIs' and INTOSAI's openness and transparency, thus strengthening their position and reputation.