Task Force INTOSAI Communication

Through its output, the Task Force shall strengthen the voice of INTOSAI as the authority in matters related to public audit by, among other activities, using communication as a strategic tool.

The Task Force aims to contribute to the improvement of INTOSAI communication as strategic tool by:

  • Reviewing the communication policy;
  • Implementing a coordinated and timely flow of information within INTOSAI;
  • Improving the external image of INTOSAI by creating a visual image for all communication;
  • Encouraging INTOSAI members to share information in a coordinated manner;
  • Optimizing resources to provide accurate, objective and timely information for INTOSAI members, auditors and the external public;
  • Reviewing the presentation of INTOSAI's Global Public Goods with the aim of making them easily available for INTOSAI's members and external stakeholders.

The Task Force is co-chaired by the SAI of Austria in its capacity as the General Secretariat of INTOSAI and the SAI of Brazil in its capacity as the Chair of INTOSAI .

Terms of Reference

Co-Chair | Austria

Margit Kraker
INTOSAI Secretary General
President of the Austrian Court of Audit
Rechnungshof Österreich
Dampfschiffstrasse 2
1030 Vienna

  +43 1 711718905
  +43 1 711718323


Co-Chair | Brazil

Bruno Dantas
Chair of INTOSAI
Presidente do Tribunal de Contas da União
Tribunal de Contas da União
SAFS Quadra 4, Lote 1
CEP 70042-900 Brasília - DF

  +55 61 35277256, 35277442