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INCOSAI XXIV: Endorsement of INTOSAI Professional Pronouncements

In the framework of INCOSAI XXIV, held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from 7 to 11 November 2022, INTOSAI's Goal Committees 1–3 submitted twelve Professional Pronouncements to Congress for endorsement.

In line with the INTOSAI Due Process, the exposure drafts of the pronouncements listed below had been approved by the Forum for INTOSAI Professional Pronouncements (FIPP) and exposed for comments by the INTOSAI community for 90 days. The endorsement versions resulting therefrom had, after approval by the FIPP, been forwarded to the INTOSAI Governing Board and were now endorsed by the Congress to be included in the INTOSAI Framework of Professional Pronouncements (IFPP):

Goal Committee 1 (Professional Standards):

  • ISSAI 200: Financial Audit Principles
  • ISSAI 2000: Application of the Financial Audit Standards
  • GUID 2900: Guidance to the Financial Auditing Standards
  • GUID 4900: Guidance on Authorities and Criteria to be Considered while Examining the Regularity and Propriety Aspects in Compliance Audit

Goal Committee 2 (Capacity Building):

  • ISSAI 100 (addition of Article 36 to establish alignment with ISSAI 150)
  • ISSAI 150: Auditor Competence
  • GUID 1950: Guidance on the Development of Competency Frameworks for Auditors
  • GUID 1951: Guidance on the Development of Pathways for Professional Development of Auditors

Goal Committee 3 (Knowledge Sharing):

  • GUID 5250: Guidance on the Audit of Public Debt
  • GUID 5280: Guidance for Audits of Public Procurement
  • GUID 5320: Guidance on Performance Audit of Privatization
  • GUID 5330: Guidance on Auditing Disaster Management

INTOSAI Public Goods developed outside the IFPP

In addition to the Professional Pronouncements listed above, the Congress took note of overall 14 INTOSAI Public Goods developed by the working bodies of Goal Committee 3 (Knowledge Sharing) under the Quality Assurance Procedure for Non-IFPP Documents to be included in the INTOSAI Community Portal under the following categories:

  • Guidance material (nine documents developed by the Working Groups on 'Big Data', 'Environmental Audit', 'Extractive Industries', 'Fight Against Corruption and Money Laundering' and 'IT Audit')
  • Research papers (three documents developed by the Working Groups on 'Big Data' and 'Environmental Audit')
  • Training materials (one document developed by the Working Group on Extractive Industries)
  • Audit Tools (one document developed by the Working Group on Environmental Audit)

Please find here more detailed information as regards INTOSAI’s quality assurance procedures for both IFPP and non-IFPP products.

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